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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my chimney be located inside the house?

The chimney is the engine of your wood burning system.

Wood stoves have become much more efficient over the years, releasing less and less heat out of the chimney. A chimney needs to be warm in order to draft properly. By installing the chimney inside the home, the pipes will stay warmer allowing the system to draft upwards. Outside chimneys with newer stoves will usually cause down draft, especially at initial start up so you are quickly opening windows to try and correct the draft. We always look for a way to install the chimney inside to avoid these issues.

My glass is black on my wood stove

There are a few things to check when your glass gets black. The most common cause is your wood is too wet. In this case you might also hear the wood sizzling as it burns and your heat output is lower than normal. Have your wood moisture content checked.

If your glass gets black along the edges, check your door gasket to see if the door is sealing up tight. It may be time to replace the gasket to create a snug fit again.

I changed the batteries in the remote for my gas fireplace, but it still doesn’t work

There will be a receiver usually located at the bottom of your fireplace which also requires batteries. This receiver will look like a black box with a compartment for batteries. When changing the batteries in your remote also change them in your receiver at the same time.

Do you service all brands of fireplaces and stoves?

We service the brands that we sell. If your system requires parts and we are not a dealer for that brand, it is difficult for us to obtain the parts and we may not have the technical experience to work on that system effectively.

If we did not install the system, but we are a dealer for the brand you have, give us a call as we will have access to the parts and also the technical knowledge to service your system.

Not sure if we installed your system or if we have access to parts? Give us a call with your system information and we will do our best to help.

woodheat logoFor helpful information on wood burning we encourage you to visit This is a non commercial site full of great tips and resources for responsible wood burning enthusiasts.